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When working with hazardous waste materials containment is critical.  Bag failure is not an option.  This is why Layfield produces its autoclavable bags to ASTM control standards, ensuring that the product gets the job done right, every time. Layfield is an ISO 9001:2008 and PACsecure/HACCP certified company.  We have the quality systems to ensure your bags will not fail.

Our autoclavable bags, specially designed for the medical and life sciences industries, utilize proprietary resin blends that have been developed by our in-house lab to comply with bio hazard waste management government regulations for each state and province.

Our autoclavable bags feature heat-sensitive ink.  The ink will appear only after the bag has been sterilized under the proper autoclave conditions.

Key Product Features:

  • Developed in house to comply with stringent standards established by medical companies and regulatory organizations.
  • Designed for use in the autoclave sterilization process.
  • Heat sensitive ink tells you when the bag's contents have been properly sterilized.